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Meet the Artists: Christ-Centered Valentines

We’ve updated our Christ-centered Valentines with additional artists and NEW paintings for 2024! We love the way these unique works of art come together for a beautiful printable focused on the PERFECT love Christ has for all of us.

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We brought together a talented lineup of artists, each with a unique approach to capturing Christ and His love. Here’s a closer look into each of the creators!

We included three illustrations from our children’s book, Savior, in the Valentines printable. Kindal Ridd hand-painted each illustration in the book with watercolors. Art and music have always been integral parts of growing and sharing her testimony. She grew up in Wyoming and Southern Utah, and Savior is her first children’s book. Her art prints can be found here.

Amber Eldredge is the painter and mother behind The Color Amber. She lives in Northern Utah with her husband and girls, and has always dreamed of sharing her life through artwork. Her pieces capture the sacred, simple beauty in every day moments.

Hailey Kinsey is an artist and mom, currently living in Virginia. Her life experiences have driven her to create art that helps others come closer to Jesus Christ, and feel His love. You can find her beautiful work over at HaileyCreative.

Jessica Sarah Beach creates stunning art that shows the beauty of Christ’s inclusivity. Her piece All Little Creatures is a perfect addition to these valentines that each uniquely show Christ’s love for us all. She says her art is inspired by her “faith and inner pensive ploddings.”

Jess Payne is the creator behind Terra and Sage, where she donates 100% of her profits to local charities. She’s a hiker and plant mom with a beautiful ability to capture humanity and connection in her work.

Janelle Susan Cunningham has said that art and motherhood inspire each other in her life, and she loves to share her testimony of Christ and His love for others through her paintings. She also frequently finds inspiration in flowers and nature. You can visit her print shop here.

Steve has been interested in art since since he first painted oils with his grandfather when he was 10 years old. He is inspired by both Impressionists and Old Masters, and enjoys combining his love for both styles in his work. You can learn more about his work, galleries, and events here.

Scott Sligting is a husband and father with a fine arts degree from the University of Utah, with an emphasis in drawing and painting. He enjoys expressing and strengthening his testimony with art. You can see more of his beautiful work here.

We wanted to include older portrayals of Christ not only for diversity, but because we see beauty in the way portrayals of Christ have transformed over time. Your own imagery and connection to Christ will change through your circumstances and experiences in life, but His presence can be a constant. We know He loves everyone so sincerely and individually.

We are so grateful to each of these artists for being a part of these free Christ-centered printable valentines.

We all just wanted to send you some love!

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