Our first book, "Savior," went from an idea in our heads to pages in our hands when we saw how much our children needed something like that. Lighten Print is our effort to bring that beauty to more little hands.

At lighten print, we want kids to be kids with beautiful, meaningful books and art.

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Kindal has been creating beauty through art and music her entire life. She grew up in Wyoming and Southern Utah, and now resides in St. George, Utah with her husband and little girl. "Savior" is her first illustrated children's book, and she knew early on that the pages were meant to be watercolor pieces. Kindal currently illustrates print magazines, teaches violin, and loved fitting painting into any spare moment over the three years leading up to "Savior." When her daughter was born she realized how important it was for her daughter to learn about her love of the Savior through beautiful and relatable imagery.

Maddie has loved putting words together her entire life, and "Savior" is her debut children's book. She grew up around the red mountains of Southern Utah, and now lives with her husband and three young sons in Fort Collins, Colorado. Along with her family, writing and traveling have been constant sources of joy in her life. "Savior" is inspired by her months spent in Jerusalem, her days spent with her children, and her life of learning about the love of Jesus Christ.

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