Free Printables

We love celebrating love month with our FREE printable of Christ-centered Valentines, and this year we’ve added new artists and more pictures. You can sign up for the free printable here, and then follow these steps to print the hearts for all sorts of uses! You can see a visual of the steps below over on Instagram. Here are the 5 quick steps to hold these hearts in your hands!

Step 1:

Download the printable and save it to your desktop. Then, print at home or email the file to your local copy center. (Tip: if leaving the cards as is, a thicker card stock works best. If you’re laminating, a regular thickness of paper will give the best result.)

Step 2:

Cut out the hearts you’ve picked for your project. Large sizes for quiet cards, double set of small hearts for a matching game, a mix for a heart attack — anything goes! You can customize them even more by coloring your own designs on the back.

Step 3:

If you didn’t choose to color the back of the hearts, you could glue or add a design to the back at this point. This can offer added thickness and a more finished look for some types of uses, but blank hearts will work great as well!

Step 4:

Hard laminate the hearts for optional durability. This works great for quiet cards that last or a matching game that will get a lot of use.

Step 5:

Package up! We love a cute canvas bag for toting the cards to church, a simple brown gift bag for sharing some Valentines love, or tied up with ribbon and chocolate for a sweet delivery.

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