seek light. see light. be light.

Both Version Bundle

A tear-proof, washable
paperback version.

Everyday Softcover


A larger, hardcover version with board book-style pages.

Premium Hardcover

Both the Premium and Everyday version for at home and on the go.

A visual comfort that
Christ can calm our storms.


A visual reminder of our
personal connection to heaven.



A visual representation of each child with their Brother.

A visual reflection of the sacred nature of the Nativity.

A visual celebration of how
different and loved each person is.


A visual witness
that Christ lives again.

Fishers of Men






Lauren Budge

"My little wild child -- who never sits still for more than a minute at a time, is absolutely mesmerized by your beautiful book. We are loving it here."

Breanna haslam

"I just got your book and I'm obsessed! It's amazing quality and so beautifully done. It literally gives me chills reading it and looking at the artwork. I can't praise it enough! Thank you for creating such a wonderful treasure!"

Jaclyn gardner

"I got your book yesterday and I LOVE it! Your story is beautiful and the artwork is incredible! I'm so excited to share this with my kids."

1. We had the Premium version of "Savior" in our minds from the beginning of the project. As the book came together, we knew we also wanted a version that would work for all ages, abilities, and situations. That was when we added the Everyday tear-proof, washable version to the mix. We want kids to have something beautiful they can still be a kid with! So both versions serve a special purpose to us.  


2. Different translations of the Bible were referenced in creating "Savior." The life of Christ is told from a nondenominational view that any Christian or person looking to learn more about Christ can connect with.


3. In our book, Christ was modeled after Middle Eastern Jewish heritage, and with the watercolor illustrations His coloring varies from image to image. In the illustration of the group of children with Christ, He is darker than many of the children. We also included diverse representation and symbolism in a variety of details in that illustration. We wanted all children to be able to see themselves in this book, and feel individually connected to Christ. We are also working on making art prints available from the book's illustrations with varying skin tones.


4. Maddie noticed her son memorized books from as early as three years old, and Kindal noticed her baby engaged with beautiful art very early on. At the same time, both couldn't find a beautiful children's book that told the story of Jesus Christ in a way that kids could connect with. Together, they wrote and illustrated a rhyming and hand-painted story that walks children through the life of Jesus Christ.


5. Yes! These pages are extremely hard to tear and can be wiped clean. That being said, they will develop a well-loved look over time, which adds character and beauty in its own way. The books can be straightened out if needed by being placed underneath a larger, heavier book. Spills will wipe away best if cleaned right away -- dried on messes can potentially remove ink from the pages when wiped clean.


6. We are so sorry about that! Very few of our books have arrived with damage, so we will continue using the eco-friendly and recyclable packaging that we have found. But in the unfortunate event that a book does arrive damaged, please send a photo of both the packaging and book to and we will make it right!


7. Yes! We have had requests for orders for full Sunday School classes and other groups, and we discount those on a case by case basis depending on size and situation. Please contact us at for orders over 10 copies of either version.


8. Please let us know! We would love to help you with that. Email for details.