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Now Available! Select Art Prints from “Savior”

When we created “Savior,” we knew we wanted the pages to be full of watercolor imagery that children could connect with. Some of the imagery of Christ that we had grown up with had felt unapproachable to us, or at times even scary. But in the pages of “Savior” we aimed to create a connection where children felt their Savior’s love, and how real He is.

Artwork from “Savior, the Story of Jesus Christ”

After launching our book, questions about when the art would be available in prints to hang in homes meant the world to us. The process of bringing an image from illustration to print ready is more involved than we originally imagined, and we have been working hard to make enhanced, quality prints available. Currently we now have Peace, Always, and Family available in a variety of sizes, with more illustrations coming soon!

“Always” art print in various sizes
“Peace” art print

We vividly remember the art in our childhood rooms (more on those coming to the blog this month), and we know that the images children see on our walls can leave a lasting impact. We hope that the art from “Savior” can bring that love and connection into your homes that we’ve aimed for from the beginning of this project.

“Family” art print

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