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I shared a room with my sister. We spent so many nights talking into the darkness, giggling, or searching for spiders with our flashlights — just in case. Every night ended in a long, ritual good night phrase that we could both repeat to this day.

But the nights also always ended with something else before we turned out our lamps — a unique painting was always the last thing I saw before the lights went out. And each morning, it was the first thing I noticed. This painting was memorable to me because it felt nothing like some of the cold, or at times even scary, imagery that I saw at church or in museums. This was a picture of a Jesus Christ who sincerely loved me, and knew me.

The artwork that hung in my childhood room

We have endless opportunities to connect with our children and help them connect with our Savior in multiple ways, and at times it can feel completely overwhelming. Are we doing enough? Are we doing what’s right for them? Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in what we should be or could be doing, but it’s important to slow down and focus on the good. Your little efforts are adding up. Small consistencies are achieving more than you know.

The repeated view I saw each night

A simple repeated view of a Savior who loves me gave me a consistent reassurance that He is there, and He is real. Art in our homes can feel like a small effort, but our small efforts will always have a bigger impact than we might expect.

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